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    Experience taste and flavour just like your favourite kebab shop

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    Cut by professionals, not extruded and cut en masse by machines

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    Prepared with classic kebab rotisseries, just re-heat for full taste

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    We supply mass catering companies, institutions and SME's

Save Time & Money

Using pre-cooked kebab meat means...

  • Less equipment
  • Less hassle
  • No waste

Give your customers a great, consistent experience.

Cooked Doner Meat

Hassle Free, Authentic Taste

Raw Doner

Fresh, ready to order

Raw Chicken

Fresh, ready to order

Join The Cooked Kebab Revolution

Cooked kebab meat shortcuts all the work and hassle that comes with catering, yet still gives the authentic genuine end result; delicious kebabs.

Due to the simple, cost effective nature of reheating and serving, these products are as convenient as it gets. As a result of this, cafe's, schools, colleges, take-away's and even national institutions are taking advantage of cooked kebab meat for their catering requirements.

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Traditionally Cooked
and Hand Cut

Our kebab meat is all cooked and hand sliced using the classic take-away style. When investing we decided against using mass production machines like everyone else as the meat extrusion process, cooking and mechanical slicing just doesn't taste or look the same.

This means that when you heat our product up, you get that authentic look and taste every time.

Simple Storage

Once the meat is sliced from the upright spits, we chill it down and layer pack it in purpose made boxes before blast freezing it down to minus 25 celcius.

This process ensures the product remains as fresh as possible, giving you a great tasting meal every single time.


Kirk's Guarantee

Having supplied kebabs for almost 30 years, we know it's important for our customers to provide a consistent quality product day in, day out.

And that is exactly what Kirk's guarantee is to you:

Consistent Quality Products


"We have a long standing relationship with Kirks as a valued supplier, and have supplied their hand sliced kebab meat to customers nationally for a number of years."


International Food Supplier

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